How much is this?

The internet service is only $90 dollars for AT&T, $90 for t-mobile and 125 for verizon every 30 days. That's for totally unlimited, unthrottled, uncapped Data on your device.

What is this internet service?

This is internet service that uses AT&T and Sprint cell towers to provide Internet to anyone that has signal. So as long as have cell signal you will have the same signal on your hotspot or device.

How fast is this service?

The average speed is around 20mbps down and 10mbps up. That's a average. Typically you will get around 30 to 40 down. We have seen it as high as 150 down. It depends on your area and the strength ofsignal you get. 

Can i get this service where i live?

The answer is mostly YES you can. Here is a website to check AT&T data signal​​​

Whats your return policy?

We offer a 30 day Moneyback Guarantee on any device you buy for any reason!
But you must ship it back to Chgadgets

What should i do if my device stops working?

Most of the time a simply reboot or a factory reset will get you going again.
Email at

Can i carry my hotspot with me?

Yes you can, you can carry it just like your cell phone. So the kids will have internet on their tablets in the car on them long trips. You will never go without internet again!

Is this service that i can count on and can have for years to come?

Yes you can! We have been doing this for 7 years now and currently supply over 5,000 plus people with internet daily! We know what we are doing and will answer any question you have. We are a company that you can count on.